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At Safe On-Site Sanitization in Greeley, we offer disinfectant fogging services for homes and businesses across Northern Colorado. Our goal is to provide clean and healthy spaces for families, employees, and everyone who uses your facility. We offer a variety of different packages and work in different types of spaces, allowing you to get the best clean no matter when or where you need it.

With our high-quality disinfectant fogging service, we can kill most germs, viruses, and bacteria to help keep your space and the people in it healthier and safe. Learn more about our services and contact us to get a free quote!

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Our Sanitization Packages

Safe On-Site Sanitization offers a variety of packages that allow you to enjoy your space knowing it is cleaner and safer for everyone in it. Learn more about our packages below!

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Standard Package

Your space will be Scientifically Sanitized™ by a team of professionals trained using the most effective equipment the industry has to offer. Our operators will provide disinfectant fog coverage on all surfaces likely encountered by humans and pets. This is a great way to quickly and effectively sanitize your space.

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IR Base Package

See the science in action! Recorded infrared footage direct from our team of operators is provided to the consumer with the Safe On-Site IR Base Package. You will be able to visually see product application on all surfaces likely encountered by humans and pets. This package allows you to see just how effective our disinfectant fogging services actually are!

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Peace of Mind Package

With our Peace Of Mind package, you get everything SOS has to offer. Our team will provide an edited and detailed video of the sanitization process. Our product coverage area will include all areas encountered by humans and pets, areas that are not normally encountered by humans and pets, as well as any applicable HVAC services. This package gives you peace of mind knowing that your entire space is covered and sanitized.

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Packages and Discounts

To make your sanitization needs more affordable, Safe On-Site Sanitization offers a wide variety of packages and discounts. Large space, multi-site, and subscription services are just some of the ways we offer our discounts. In an effort to provide help within the community, we are offering special discounts to any military, former-military, first-responders, hospital workers, or anyone directly affected by the Covid-19 outbreak. Call us today to see what offers and the discounts we have available!

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Where We Offer Our Disinfectant Fogging Services

At SOS Sanitization, we want to help keep everyone safe, from your family to your employees. That is why we offer our disinfectant fogging services for homes, commercial spaces, public facilities, vehicles, and HVAC systems. When you have Safe On-Site Sanitization on your side, you can rest assured knowing that your spaces are clean, safe, and sanitized.


Residential Services

Your home should be a safe space. This is where your family makes memories, where you relax after a long day. Because of this, you want it to be safe and clean. Our team can provide disinfectant fogging services for all living spaces, big or small. We can kill up to 99.99% of viruses, germs, and bacteria, making your home safer for you and your family. You shouldn’t be worried about getting sick while at home and we can help ensure that you have peace of mind and can live comfortably. We can disinfect every area that you, your family, and your pets come in contact with.

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Commercial Services

Germs and viruses can spread like wildfire in a commercial space or office. Keep your employees, clients, and everyone else who comes into your business safe and healthy with our disinfectant fogging services. We specialize in overnight commercial spray application, allowing your business to be sanitized without disturbing regular operating hours! Give your customers comfort in knowing that your commercial space is safe and sanitized and keep your employees healthy.

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Public Facilities

Whether it is an outdoor playground, public bathroom, clubhouse, gym, or any other public facility that you own, getting it clean and sanitized can help keep everyone who uses your facility safe and healthy. We can provide disinfectant fogging for your public space, ensuring that everyone who uses it is safe from viruses, germs, and bacteria. It is up to you to keep your spaces clean and safe for everyone, and public facilities can be full of germs. We can help keep your spaces disinfected and safe!

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Vehicles are also common places for germs to be present, especially public vehicles. From school buses, public buses, fleet vehicles, and other vehicle types, we can provide our sanitizing services for them all! Our disinfectant fogging will help kill germs, viruses, and bacteria in any vehicle, keeping riders and drivers safe and healthy! Public transportation is important but can also contain a lot of germs, we can help clean these spaces so your passengers can ride safely.

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At Safe On-Site Sanitization, we offer a unique service that cleans and disinfects your air! Our team can improve the air quality in your home or commercial space with our HVAC disinfectant fogging services. Our product is proven to rid your air of dust mites, cockroach allergens, and pet dander. It can also leave your air ducts free of microbial contaminations, mold, mildew, and other allergens. With this service, you can breathe cleaner, healthier air!

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At Safe On-Site Sanitization in Greeley, we offer disinfectant fogging services using a unique high-quality and effective product and a process that ensures all surfaces are covered. We offer our services across Northern Colorado, as well as parts of Nebraska and Cheyenne. We can help keep your residential, commercial, or public space clean and sanitized, allowing everyone to remain healthy. Be sure to check out our kill list to see what our disinfectant fogging services can rid your space of. Contact us to learn more and request a free quote today!

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