Benefits of Using Our Services

While COVID-19 is still spreading around the country rapidly, more businesses are beginning to open back up. If you are among those who are reopening your doors, it is your job to ensure the safety of your clients and employees.

At Safe On-Site Sanitization in Northern Colorado, we offer unique and effective service that can disinfect every surface throughout your business. Our disinfectant spray services can help protect you, your employees, and everyone who enters your business. Learn more about the benefits of our disinfectant fogging services and contact us for a free estimate today!

Safe Around Animals and Kids

The product we use to disinfect your space is safe to use in areas where kids or animals may be present. This means you can use it in daycare facilities, schools, veterinary clinics, pet adoption agencies, and your home! You don’t have to worry about your kids or pets being exposed to harmful chemicals when you use our disinfectant services. Our product can be used directly on pet bedding and sleep areas.

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Safe Around Food

If you own a restaurant or another business that involves food prep, our product is also safe to use on those surfaces. The disinfectant that we use for our fogging services in an NSF registered (D-2) food contact sanitizer and you do not need to rinse the disinfected areas before using them. This makes it quick and easy to sanitize your kitchen without feeling the need to reclean the area that was disinfected.

Safe Around Electronics

The product we use in our disinfectant fogging service is also safe to use around electronics. It is a non-corrosive product, which means that it won’t affect your computers, phones, and any other electronic devices you have around your business. Whether you own a marketing agency and have a ton of computers and other equipment or you simply have a single register, our product will disinfect it without causing any issues.

Covers All Surfaces

While you could use some disinfectant wipes to wipe down counters, tables, light switches, and all other surfaces, you truly won’t be able to cover all the surfaces in your business. Our disinfectant fogging services offer a unique benefit, which is that it covers every surface. And we mean every surface. We use a specially designed electrostatic sprayer that puts a charge on the individual mist particles. These uniformly charged particles repel each other, which causes them to literally cover every inch of the surfaces in your business, from the underside of tables to the ceiling. Every nook and cranny will be disinfected, meaning that you will have a completely sanitized space, ready to let people come back through the doors.

Keeps People Safe

At Safe On-Site Sanitization in Northern Colorado, we use a product that is an EPA registered hospital cleaner. It is able to kill 99.999% of germs, viruses, and bacteria. You can even check out the kill list to see what our product can get rid of in your business. From COVID-19 to Influenza B, this product can help keep every person who enters your building safe from dangerous diseases. This product can also help eliminate odors caused by smoke, trash, and septic.

If you are ready to open your business back up, it is up to you to keep employees, customers, and everyone else safe. By scheduling a disinfectant fogging service from Safe On-Site Sanitization, you can ensure that your space is safe to reenter and reopen. Contact us today to get started and to get your questions answered! With our help, you can enjoy a clean, safe, and sanitized space.