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  • Let your customers, employees, family, and loved ones know your establishment is germ-free by scheduling a disinfectant fogging service and earning your own Scientifically Sanitized™ window sticker! At Safe On-Site Sanitization, we offer sanitization services across Northern Colorado for homes, businesses, public facilities, and more. With our disinfectant services we can help keep everyone healthy.
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Our mission is to protect the welfare of people, animals, and the environment by promptly eradicating viruses, bacteria, molds, allergens, and odors from your surroundings that could pose a potential threat to your health. Using hospital-grade disinfectant, electrostatic sprayers, and thermal imaging cameras, we Scientifically Sanitize™ every exposed surface in any space. Whether you want your home, business, school, buses, or other space treated with our disinfectant fogging service, our team can help!

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Our sanitizing agent is an EPA registered hospital disinfectant that kills 99.999% of bacteria, viruses, mold, and eliminates allergens. It has the lowest EPA toxicity rating, category IV, just like tap water. It is also NSF rated no-rinse required on food contact surfaces and is not considered a hazardous material by OSHA. Our sanitizing agent is non-toxic and contains no VOCs, which makes it non-harmful around kids, pets, and loved ones.


Our spray

The spray we use at Safe On-Site Sanitization is non-corrosive, so you are able to use it where sensitive electronics are located. A fine mist is projected over and under all objects so everything your employees, customers, members, family, and participants touch is disinfected and deodorized. No rinse is required. Our products are NSF-Certified for use on food-contact surfaces.

We use state of the art electrostatic sprayers that electrically charge the disinfectant as it is atomized, causing the disinfectant to be attracted to the surface that is being sprayed. The airborne disinfectant will seek out uncoated surfaces rather than adhering to already coated surfaces ensuring complete coverage. We monitor product placement by using thermal imaging cameras as we spray to confirm 100% coverage, 100% sanitization resulting in Scientifically Sanitized™ spaces.

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Wide Variety of Applications:

Commercial • Residential • HVAC • Vehicles • Schools and Buses • Public Use Areas and Occupancies • Health Care Facilities • Playgrounds • Day Care Facilities